We strive for a comprehensive registry of IM software for environmental scientists that is searchable by task (e.g. quality control) and software attribute (e.g. language), as well as provide a community forum to explore the development of new software ideas. We emphasize free and open source software of all maturity levels, but do not exclude proprietary sources.

Software is tagged with terms from a controlled vocabulary organized around IM tasks occuring throughout the research data life-cycle. Consult this vocabulary when searching by keyword.


Metadata enables quick evaluation for fitness of use and access to the software. As of 2019-07-21, the registry contains 183 software libraries primarily written in R and Python, and spanning a broad range of IM tasks.


Adding software to the registry is easy! Sign up for an account and reference our registration guidelines to ensure the software is easily findable and understandable. Remember, software doesn’t need to be production grade to be a part of the registry, and loose collections of scripts and code snippets are more than welcome.

Join our community discussions! We meet regularly (first Wednesday of the month, 2 pm EDT) to explore new ideas, trends, challenges, and opportunities, and have an email list for out of band communications. Everyone (“developers” and “non-developers”) is welcome!